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Reasons We Love Jackie Chan 

You can’t think or talk about martial artists without three big names coming up: Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. There’s always been debate about who would win in a fight between the three, but we’re here to tell you why we’d put our money on Jackie Chan.

Here are some reasons we love Jackie Chan:

  1. He’s nearly lost his life several times and broken numerous bones, but that hasn’t stopped him. Jackie Chan does all his own stunts and holds the Guinness World Record title for the Most Stunts by a Living Actor.

In fact, no insurance company would underwrite his productions and after a number of stuntmen were injured in the making of Police Story, this badass martial artist started the Jackie Chan Stuntmen Association to personally train stuntmen and fund their medical bills out of his own pocket.

  1. Speaking of Guinness World Records, did you know that Jackie Chan also holds ANOTHER title for the Most Credits in One Movie – Chinese Zodiac?

Jackie Chan carried out 15 of the major creative movie-making roles for the film, including director, producer, actor, fight choreographer and composer, breaking the previous record of 11 credits.

  1. He’s genuinely funny and completely adorable – which you see in ALL his blooper reels.
  1. While we’re on the subject of funny, the invention of THIS MEME is legendary (so legendary T-Pain tattooed it on his arm!)

We are NOT joking.

  1. Even Jackie Chan admits he has icons, and gets a little starstruck, just like us!

He bumped into Bruce Lee, his hero, who accompanied him to a bowling alley, literally days before the legend’s death.

If you’re in the mood for an action-packed weekend, here are 5 Jackie Chan movies you can catch on Netflix now!

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