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Features international stars including Liam Hemsworth, Emily Ratajkowski and Diego Costa

Iconic Asian beer brand, Tiger Beer, undertakes an ambitious movement to reinvigorate Asia’s enthusiasm for Chinese New Year (CNY) and get the world in on the festivities with #SayItWithTiger.

Just 5 days old, this campaign is rolling out across the world, and has picked up momentum with global celebrities from Liam Hemsworth, Diego Costa, Emily Ratajkowski and Chris Bosh, to name a few, doing their very best version of an authentic Chinese New Year greeting on The greeting “虎虎生威,贺新年” (Pinyin: Hǔ Hǔ Shēng Wēi, Hè Xīn Nián) translates to “The bold stands tall and roars their greeting into the new year”.

The campaign welcomes fans across the world to create their own personalized Chinese New Year greeting, by filming themselves reciting the greeting in response to their favourite celebrity video and submitting on to generate a personalized video featuring themselves alongside their selected celebrity.

“Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals in Asia, and greetings play a very big part in these celebrations. As Asia’s premium beer brand, we want to take a bold stand to champion Chinese New Year in Asia and beyond, by rallying the rest of the world in this one shared greeting,” said Mie-Leng Wong, Global Director Tiger Beer at Heineken Asia Pacific Breweries.

As China’s dominance on the global stage continues to grow, so has the impact and reach of its most culturally significant festival – Chinese New Year. An approximate 50 million ethnic Chinese living outside of mainland China throng streets and malls in far flung cities in celebration during this period – further perpetuating this rippling effect. #SayItWithTiger aims to boldly stages this major festival from China to the world.

#SayItWithTiger features international celebrities including The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh, Hollywood stars Liam Hemsworth and Emily Ratajkowski, attempting to articulate the greeting in Mandarin, alongside regional stars including Singaporean singer Narelle Kheng, Chinese actor Zheng Kai and Malaysian singer songwriter Penny Tai. Some of the greetings also feature the celebrity partaking in Chinese New Year traditions, such as Emily Ratajkowski offering a pair of mandarin oranges while Zheng Kai brandishes a fan of red packets.

This socially-led campaign, supported across digital, social and retail channels, features a key visual developed in collaboration with critically acclaimed fine artist James Jean, typographer Rizon Paerin and the creative practice at TSLA.

#SayItWithTiger runs until the end of Chinese New Year.

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