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Lights Go Out Across Starbucks During Earth Hour for 9th Year


The recent Earth Hour weekend saw Starbucks Malaysia participating in the global lights-off blackout movement to spread the message of energy conservation. This worldwide phenomenon to switch off lights for one hour is to show solidarity for action on climate change.

“It is the 9th year that Starbucks has joined to turn off lights for one hour across all stores during the symbolic hour. It is the symbol of our dedication to conserve energy,” said Mr. Sydney Quays, Managing Director of Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei. He added, “Starbucks has always put forth our dedication to recognizing a balance between profitability and social conscience; thus we believe in not only to give but to share the good we do as it is our commitment to contribute back to the community.”


All 237 stores had lights turned off to observe the symbolic hour and its importance. In the spirit of Earth Hour, Starbucks gave away limited edition Starbucks Malaysia 18th Anniversary Tote bag to customers who made a digital pledge to be more conscious about their environmental footprint.

Starbucks always believed that businesses can – and should – have a positive impact on the communities they serve. Since the opening of our first store in Malaysia in 1998, we strived on being a responsible company, one that dedicate ourselves to earning the trust and respect of our customers, partners (employees) and neighbors by doing things that are good for the planet and each other. We are committed to supporting programs that address our environmental footprint – one person, one store, one neighborhood at a time.

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