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Starbucks Malaysia introduced new card designed dedicated to Malaysia’s 60th National Day   

The 31st of August marks the Independence Day of Malaysia or ‘Hari Merdeka’, where to the official declaration of the Federation of Malaya’s independence from British Empire. This great occasion was celebrated among Malaysian regardless of races, age or religion. Here at Starbucks, we greet this grand celebration with great delight and we invite customers across Malaysia to celebrate this special occasion with us.

Introducing the second Starbucks card designed dedicated to the Malaysia’s 60th National Day celebration. The card design was inspired by the colors and elements of Malaysia’s national flower, Hibiscus rose-sinensis or “Bunga Raya” which was declared as the symbol of Malaysia since 1960. The eye-catching big red color petals design on the card symbolized courage, life, and rapid growth of the Malaysian over the past 60 years of independent. Each petals of the flower on the card represent the five principles or “Rukun Negara” of Malaysia. While the yellow color background symbolize the royal family, which shares the same color as the crescent and star on a Malaysia’s flag.

The unique design of the card has made it a definite collector’s item for Starbucks Card collectors as it is more than just a stored value card.

This is the second Starbucks Malaysia National Day card in the world, designed by Art Director of Starbucks Malaysia, Megat Adishah bin Megat Musa and his assistance, Lee Mei Chyi. “I am proud to be able to help with the design use for this special festival. Since this card is only obtainable from Starbucks stores in Malaysia, I hope that this will help to promote this special celebration to the world and embrace the spirit of patriotism among Malaysian.” said Megat.

“Here at Starbucks, we embrace the celebration of National Day in the country. This occasion is very special to us as Malaysians,” said Mr. Salleharon Ahmad, Senior Manager, Public Affairs and Digital Strategy of Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei. “Our stores have always been gathering places for communities across Malaysia. During this special occasion, we invite our customers to spend time with their loved ones and make moments of connection with each other over a cup of coffee. Our passionate baristas are here to help you enjoy a warm moment with family and friends as they handcraft your perfect drink.”

Available at all Starbucks stores in Malaysia, the Starbucks Malaysia National Day Card is yours for a minimum load or reload of RM50, while stock last.


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