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Siblings. One moment you’re looking out for them and the next you feel like sharing an old, embarrassing photo of them on social media.

The joy of having siblings is to have someone who you can celebrate with and knowing you can rely on them when times are tough. Research shows that growing up with a sibling can make a positive impact on your mental and physical health and shape you to be a more empathetic person.

Growing up with a sibling also means many moments shared together, including fighting over different shows when your parents weren’t around. Now with Viu, you won’t have to fight with your siblings because the shows are so good, you’ll all end up watching it together.

Grab your popcorn, snuggle up with your siblings, and schedule a date with Viu on April 10th where you can gush about these five handpicked shows!

1) Happy Sisters
“Happy Sisters” tells the story of two sisters, Yoon Ye-Eun and Yoon Sang-Eun, living completely different lives. Yoon Ye-Eun has been married for 7 years and works as a housewife taking care of her husband’s side of the family. Her in-laws are constantly giving her a hard time, but she perseveres because she loves her husband. They are happy until she finds out that her husband was having an affair all along.
Yoon Sang-Eun, on the other hand, is single and runs a piano institute but has debts. As Sang-Eun is worried about how she will pay these off, she meets Choi Jae-Woong through a matchmaking agency. He agrees to pay off her debts as long as she marries him and enters into a contract marriage.

2) The Descendant
Chen Yulin was trapped in an arranged marriage with Shen Danfang and set to inherit her family’s incense making business. Yulin was also forced to take up the Danfang family name once they had their first child as his father-in-law wanted to ensure the continuity of the bloodline. Things were going well until he discovered that his old flame, Yuhua is his sister-in-law.

3) A Girl and Three Sweethearts
Misaki Sakurai is a pâtissier who is determined to run her own business one day. One day she gets fired and begins to feel lonely because work had been her whole life up to that point. She meets her first love from high school, Chiaki Shibasaki, and Chiaki offers Misaki a part-time job at the restaurant and a place to stay. As she continues working and staying with Chiaka, she meets Chiaki’s two younger brothers Toma and Kanata. Chiaki, Toma and Kanata are fond of Misaki and start developing feelings for her. Will the sibling rivalry get in the way to get the girl or will Shibasaki bond stronger than that?

4) Heirs
Cha Eun-Sang lives in a poor family with her housekeeper mother who is mute. Eun-Sang also shares the workload to help her mother out until she receives a call from her older sister to say that she will get married. Eun-Sang sends her older sister some money from her savings account and also goes to the United States herself to see if she can start a better life with her sister.

Things take a turn when she discovers her older sister living in a shanty home with a deadbeat boyfriend who seems violent. Her sister takes more of her money and Eun-Sang is crushed until she meets Kim Tan who helps her while in the United States. As they start to build rapport, she discovers that Kim Tan has his own family issues. Will they be able to go through it together?

5) Destiny in Her Hands
Luo Jin Yu was born backstage of a Cantonese opera travelling troupe. Her mother was devastated to find out that her first born daughter was born with broken lines on both of her palms. As Chinese history claims that this is bad luck, she wanted to abandon Jin Yu, but an opera performer stops her for doing so and tells her to raise Jin Yu the best as she can.

As Jin Yu gets older, she struggles with being the black sheep of the family and faces hardships and challenges into her adult life. Jin Yu becomes more miserable when her mother favors her four younger siblings over her and she works as a factory worker to save the family from poverty.

Hopefully by the time you watch all these shows, you’ll end up arguing over which was your favourite show:

… till you forget it and find something else to argue about.

Worried that you can’t catch these shows on your laptop? Don’t worry, just let your siblings know that Viu’s app is easily downloadable via Apple for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices making it convenient for you to catch your favourite shows on your phone or tablet anytime, anywhere.
Happy Viu-ing!

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