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Song Hye-kyo the new muse of the top Korean beauty brand, Sulwhasoo

Song Hye-kyo the new muse of the top Korean beauty brand, Sulwhasoo

Song Hye-kyo will serve as a messenger of Sulwhasoo’s authentic story to customers in Korea and abroad

Sulwhasoo’s collaboration with Song Hye-kyo will communicate Korea’s unique aesthetics and Sulwhasoo’s brand heritage

Sulwhasoo, Amorepacific’s representative beauty brand, has announced Asia’s leading actress, Song Hye-kyo as its brand muse. Collaborating with Sulwhasoo’s various global campaigns, Song Hye-kyo is set to communicate Sulwhasoo’s authentic brand story.

Song Hye-kyo is literally and figuratively the driving force behind the global popularity of the Korean culture. She has proved herself as a gifted actress for her superb performance in popular Korean dramas such as Descendants of the Sun, That Winter, the Wind Blows and Worlds Within and served as an ambassador to promote the recent Korea-China Trade and Economic Partnership Conference.

Sulwhasoo said Song Hye-kyo has been chosen as its brand muse because she is a versatile actress with incredible charm who can communicate Sulwhasoo’s heritage to customers around the world in an inspiring way. In addition, as a brand that embodies Korea’s unique cultural beauty, Sulwhasoo is set to work with Song Hye-kyo to spread its message of true aesthetics found in the philosophy of harmony and balance between the traditional and the modern. Song Hye-kyo will make a debut as the brand’s muse at Sulwhasoo stores in Korea and abroad, both online and offline, from April 2018.

The timeless beauty and elegance of Song Hye-kyo, the darling of the Asian audience, is expected to add a new dimension to Sulwhasoo, Korea’s leading luxury beauty brand, inspired by the ultimate beauty of plum blossoms blooming in the snow.

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