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Nov’16 TV Highlights on HISTORY (Astro Ch 555 & HD 575)

Forged In Fire S3

This November, HISTORY brings you a one-off special, The Seven New Signs Of The Apocalypse. Every day our planet faces cataclysmic events that threaten our very existence. Whether from natural or manmade forces, rising from the earth or menacing from space, the world seems beset by more catastrophes than ever. Are we approaching a biblical “End of Times”? And if so–how will it happen? Will it come from an act of God? Or a colossal misstep of man? Get an uncomfortably-close front row seat to some of the most likely apocalyptic scenarios our world faces today–and the history, both scientific and biblical, behind them. THE SEVEN NEW SIGNS OF THE APOCALYPSE premieres 2 November, Wednesday 8pm.

Additionally, HISTORY brings you new episodes for Forged in Fire S3. Forged in Fire champions continue to compete for a chance to prove who among them is the best of the best. In the new episodes, they will be crafting a blade of their signature style from a pile of tools, both old and new, among other challenges. FORGED IN FIRE S3, Thursdays 9pm.

Other highlights on HISTORY in November include:

DOOMSDAY: 10 WAYS THE WORLD WILL END – 2 Nov, Wednesdays 10pm

THE PICKERS S9 BEST OF – 9 Nov, Wednesdays 9pm

STORAGE WARS: TEXAS S6 – 15 Nov, Tuesdays 9pm

MOUNTAIN MEN S5 SEASON FINALE –24 Nov, Thursday 10pm


History Malaysia Schedule (17 – 23 Oct 2016)

History Malaysia Schedule (24 – 30 Oct 2016)

History Malaysia Schedule (31 Oct – 6 Nov 2016)

History Malaysia Schedule (14 – 20 Nov 2016)

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