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Netflix Introduces Mobile Previews

Today, we are excited to introduce mobile previews to the mobile experience. Mobile previews present members with a fun, simple, and easy way to learn about new shows and films on Netflix — and find something great to watch even faster.

One of the best ways to know if you’ll like a new series or movie is to watch a short trailer.  At 30 seconds, mobile previews make it easy yet fun to browse the Netflix app when you’ve got some time to pass on the way home. Perhaps you’ll find something exciting to watch right away, or save for later by adding it to your list.

On days where you’re not sure what to watch and need some inspiration, this might be a great way to discover something new. Each preview is also personalised to you – to match your unique viewing tastes and preferences and help you connect with something more quickly.

We know consumers in Malaysia love watching Netflix on their mobile devices. We’ve seen that Malaysians amongst the top Netflix mobile downloaders in the world. So we hope you like using this new feature and that mobile previews help you find your next favourite show!

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