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Lady Natasha Rufus Isaacs, Founder of Beulah London on Fashion and Family Travel

Q: Beulah’s mission is to help human trafficking victims in India. Could you tell us more about your trip to India that inspired the founding of Beulah London?

A: Beulah was born in 2010, when Lavinia and I went to Delhi, India for a couple of months to work in an aftercare home with women who had been trafficked. We would teach skills during the afternoons. There we witnessed the devastating reality and brutal magnitude of modern day slavery, and cycle of re-exploitation if women are left without positive opportunities. So we decided to set up a business which could act as a vehicle for doing good and a voice for change.

Q: What inspires your / Beulah London’s designs?

A: This SS’19 collection was about going back to the heart of where Beulah began, India, celebrating its abundance of craft, cultures, colours and people. This season mixes bold florals with geometric patterns and revivest eh artisan skill of kantha embroidery.

Q: What is your favourite inspiration / design in Beulah?

A: My favourite design is the wrap dress, as it’s so versatile; it can be worn with flats during the day and with heels for a wedding.

Q: What message do you want your designs / Beulah London to say? A: Feminine, effortless elegance with a social conscience.

Q: How do you want women (or more specifically the Duchess of Cambridge & Pippa Middleton) to feel when wearing your designs?

A: It’s a great honour when our dresses are worn, and they are wonderful ambassadors for British brands. I also love it when customers find a Beulah dress which makes them feel a million dollars. Also knowing their purchase has made a positive social impact to women less fortunate.

Q: Every woman has a go-to outfit / outerwear on an average day. Tell us about yours. A: A pair of MIH jeans, a Beulah blouse and a pair of Gucci trainers – I live in!

Q: What are your 3 top travel destinations with your family?

A: Cornwall (Polzeath I’ve been going there since a baby), Cape Town and South of France

Q: Any tips to share with mothers out there about travelling with children?

A: Only travel North or South, not East or West (i.e. no time change)! Always pay for an extra seat (I made that mistake with 18 month old going to Cape Town last year) and bring lots of toys for distraction!

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