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SO COSMO -- Season: 1 -- Pictured (l-r) -- James, Steven,  Leah, Joanna, Tiffany, Diandra, Evan, Adam (Photo by: Ben Watts/E! Entertainment)


The Eight Hour-Long Episode Series Follow The Unstoppable And Fashionable Forces Behind Cosmopolitan Magazine

E!’s new docu-series, So Cosmo – set at the glamorous epi-center of pop culture, Cosmopolitan Magazine – follows the work hard, play hard lifestyles of the young women and men whose real life experiences inspire the pages of Cosmopolitan. Viewers will see how these staffers cope when pushed past their limits by the influential but formidable former Editor-in-Chief and current Chief Content Officer of Hearst Magazines, Joanna Coles, who expects only the best when So Cosmo premieres on 12 February, Sundays at 10pm on E! (Astro Channel 712).

The eight hour-long episode series uncovers the glamour and behind-the-scenes drama of these trendsetter’s celebrity encounters, fashion and beauty shoots that occur at Cosmopolitan. While the all access, VIP life provided by Cosmo is exhilarating and exhausting, this ambitious crew know what it takes to be So Cosmo!


Joanna Coles
Former Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan and Current Chief Content Officer, Hearst Magazines
As Cosmopolitan’s formidable leader, Joanna is a force. You’ll hear her coming through the office whistling or singing, at which point, every member of her staff better quit their online shopping (her pet peeve)! She likes to pow-wow with her troops, but unfortunately her busy schedule doesn’t allow for much of it. Between custom dress fittings for exclusive celeb-filled events and the who’s who of Silicon Valley, Joanna’s in the heart of it all. No matter how approachable she may seem, she expects perfection and luckily her staff is eager to please, whatever the cost.

Diandra Barnwell
Brand Coordinator
Bubbly, driven, but not afraid to stand up for herself, Diandra is described as “the ultimate Cosmo reader” by her mentor, Joanna Coles. As brand coordinator, Diandra is heavily involved in Cosmo-sponsored events and she is always coordinating in-office happy hours for the team. In her love life, Diandra has always preferred a professional athlete, and has been prone to long-distance relationships, but will Evan, the new hot fitness contributor, shake things up?

Tiffany Reid
Senior Fashion Editor
As Senior Fashion Editor, Tiffany has relationships with all of the hottest designers. Tiffany is career-oriented and sometimes she can come off as all-business – she’s worked hard to make a name for herself in the fashion industry and she won’t allow anyone to take that away. Despite her tough exterior, she’s a fun girl who’s up for a good time and on the hunt for the man of her dreams. It won’t be easy to please this Bronx-native. Hailing from the high-end fashion world, she has high expectations and the pedigree to back them up.

Steven Brown
Bookings Director
Steven’s domain as Bookings Director is constantly inundated by young, gorgeous models he’s scouting for various photo shoots. He can be polarizing because he’s got an opinion on everything, and he’s not afraid to share it no matter who he may offend. Steven takes his work seriously and continuously scores top talent for the magazine. Coveting his image above all else, he’s perfected the art of the selfie and racks up thousands of likes on Instagram almost immediately after posting. Life’s not all about botox and on-fleek brows, though. Currently single and attempting to date, the true test will be if Steven is capable of showing as much interest in someone other than himself.

Evan Betts
Fitness Contributor
Raised outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Evan is certainly making his mark on New York’s fitness scene, and things are only looking up now that he’s also landed the gig of fitness contributor at Cosmo. Young, hot, single and fun, Evan’s got his eye on his new colleague, Diandra. Here’s to hoping he can hold it all together long enough to impress her and the rest of the team.

Adam Mansuroglu
Fashion Editor
Adam definitely lives the life a Cosmo reader is supposed to live. Adam knows how to party hard at night, but when he steps into work, he’s a consummate professional who gets the job done while cracking jokes and having fun. That doesn’t mean it is all fun and games though, because Adam has been known to lose it when his stress levels reach a certain point. For this Brooklyn native, the task will be to prove he’s got that “Cosmo polish.” Adam, stays neutral among the office crowd; he’s well-liked by everyone. He is currently in a long-term relationship with his boyfriend Spencer, an in-demand globetrotting opera singer.

Leah Wyar Romito
Executive Beauty Director
Leah has come a long way from her small town, Pennsylvania roots. Sharp, charming and hard-working, she runs the empire that is Cosmo’s beauty department, one of the biggest revenue drivers for the brand.

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