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MAD AUGUST MV演员大招募 邀你述说《伤口》的故事

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本地摇滚乐团Mad August招募《伤口》MV演员,邀你述说“伤口”的故事。

摇滚乐团Mad August 成军5年早前推出第二张专辑《第一直觉》并为专辑宣传积极宣传。而专辑内所收录的抒情摇滚“情歌” 更是他们少有的演绎。唱片公司对于《伤口》的传唱潜力亦十分重视,目前已开始如火如荼地筹备MV的拍摄。

为让大众或粉丝可以更了解、近距离接触Mad August,唱片公司特别决定公开招募MV演员,让大家有机会参与《伤口》的拍摄。无论你曾经碰到的是爱情的伤口、友情的伤口、亲情的伤口或……,只要你愿意分享,都可以报名参加。

即日起至9月12号,凡有兴趣参与拍摄的朋友,不限男女老少或种族肤色,都欢迎把自己”伤口”的故事以及个人资料(姓名、性别、岁数、联络电话、地址等)email 至 [email protected],并在邮件标题著名“伤口MV演员招募”,获选的“故事”将接获工作人员接洽。有关招募的疑问或详情也可电邮至 [email protected] 或 私信 (PM) 至 Mad August的粉丝专页(。


Mad August “WOUND” MV Talents Wanted!

We are now recruiting MV talents for our New Song — “Wound” (Shang Kou).

We would like to invite you to share us your “Wound” story in our MV. It could be a wound of your love story, family, friendship or anything.

As long as your are willing to share it with us, just feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] with your story and personal details (name, contact, gender, age, address & etc.) by 12/9/16.

P/s: All genders, ages, races of story tellers are welcomed.


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