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Harith Iskander “If you have never done it before, you’d be worried but when you’ve done it, it’s so syiok!”

An Interview with Harith Iskander
Celebrity Car Wars S2
New Season Mondays at 9.55pm on HISTORY
(Astro Ch 555 & HD 575)

Can you share to us your feeling joining Celebrity Car Wars S2?

For me, no matter how tiring it was or how long the shoots were, it was probably one of the best experiences in my life. When you watch the show on TV, you can see that we’re all very serious about it but we’re also having a good time. It’s very enjoyable to watch because of the humour, the competition and the challenges. This is the kind of program that America is looking at us and saying: “We should do this!” – that’s how good this program is!

What is the greatest challenge during the shooting?

There are so many! Each day, the challenge tasks are different. The first task was a brake test – we had to drive up to 80km/h and slam the brakes at a point before a wall and they would look at the one who was closest to the wall. I was the first to go and because I was the first, I couldn’t learn from the others before me, so I came in third. The second challenge involved a line of cones and reversing as fast as we could without hitting the cones. Mostly because it’s left hand drive, I wasn’t so used to that and kept trying to change the gears at the wrong side! The third challenge was even more difficult – a reverse race! For me, when we went into the Celebrity Car Wars Drag Race World Championship (you can step on the accelerator and the car could go up to 200km/h), I was worried as you don’t know what could happen. If you have never done it before, you’d be worried but when you’ve done it, it’s so syiok! The Nissan GTR is so stable!

What were your unforgettable moments on this shooting?

There is an episode that we went to an ex-US base that was wiped out due to a volcano eruption. Over there, there are tribes like our orang asli – and we had a challenge to bring supplies to them. When I met them, it was eye-opening and really touching. It takes us 20 minutes to reach them by car; but for them, when they walk out to buy supplies, that could take them 2-3 hours. This episode was unforgettable – it has nothing to do with the competition itself – but because you can see their hardships and how difficult their lives are. They literally have nothing – they live at the mountains with trees.

It’s back, bigger, better and more outlandish than ever. Celebrity Car Wars is a rollicking, hour-long action reality series that’s a mix of competition, fun, rivalries and adventure.

We’ve assembled 6 more of Asia’s most famous, socially connected, articulate and gorgeous celebrities. They may be hot but do they know their stick shift from their schtick shift. To help them along their 8 week road of automotive discovery we’ve added three motor racing experts to teach them the tricks of the trade (“you need to turn the engine on for the car to move”).

This season all your favourite challenges are back plus we’ve added a whole bunch of even crazier ones because…we can! The most fragile substance on planet earth is known to be the Celebrity Ego and it is sure to come under threat as our 6 new celebs undertake weekly challenges that put their driving skills to the test, under the bemused eye of host Bobby Tonelli.

After each challenge the Celebs gain points towards the ultimate prize: entry into the Celebrity Car Wars Hall of Fame, a club so exclusive it has just one member – series one champion KC Moreno. Who will join him in the hallowed or perhaps hollowed Hall of Fame?

Start your engines because we’re about to find out who is top of the heap on an all new season of Celebrity Car Wars.





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