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Behind the Scenes with Chris Jackson, Getty Images Royal Photographer

Q:  How  often  do  you  get  to  travel  in your line of work?

A:   Travel   forms   an   integral   part   of what   I   do   –   Over   the   years   I’ve travelled  to  over  100  countries  from Pakistan to Sierra Leone, the Galapagos Islands, Australia and many more!

Q: Tell us about your recent travel.

A: Due to impending BREXIT many of the  recent  Royal  tours  have  been  to European   Destinations   –   It’s   been

fantastic  discovering  places  a  little  closer  to  home.  My  favourite  recent  trip  was  with  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to stunning Stockholm and Oslo but more recently I was with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Athens and Crete. It was fantastic to experience some of the vibrant Greek culture and even sample some Minoan cooking!

Q: How has travelling with / photographing the British Royal Family changed you / your life?

A:  I’ve  been  doing  my  job  for  around  15  years  and  travel  forms  part  of  my  regular  yearly diary.  In  quiet  periods  when  I’ve  been  in  the  UK  for  a  while  I  certainly  miss  it  and  during frenetic times where I have been away from home for months it can become too much! I’m lucky to be able to do what I do and I think it’s really important to appreciate the privilege of travel within your working role – something I never take for granted!

Q: Tell us of your most memorable travel experience with the royal family.

A: It’s very easy to concentrate on shooting when you are documenting a historic moment but I think its so important to occasionally look up from the camera lens and appreciate the enormity of what’s going on around you -Just don’t miss the shot!

Christopher Jackson

Q: Tell us of the hardest hurdle you’ve gone through to becoming a royal / professional / one of the most well-known photographer(s).

A: I think the biggest hurdle in the early days was financial. During my time studying a BSc in Physiology  at  the  University  of  Wales,  Cardiff  I  had  a  darkroom  down  in  my  cellar  and worked with the fantastic student newspaper at Cardiff University. I finished  studying with the  normal  student  debt but  it was getting  another  Graduate loan on top  of  the  previous student loan that enabled me to purchase the digital equipment I need to work day to day as a photographer when I moved up to London. This was definitely a bit of a worry at the time and meant I spent a good part of my twenties paying it off but it enabled me to get my foot in the door and do what I needed to do to become a photographer.

Q: Exactly what it is you want to convey with your photographs (and  how do you actually get your photographs to do that?)

A: I’m very much there to record the day to day engagements of the British Royal family, those   big  historic  moments,  annual   diary   events   that  have   remained   un-changed  for decades  and  even  centuries  such  as  Chelsea  Flower  Show,  Royal  Ascot,  The  Garter Ceremony, Trooping the Colour etc. I also travel on all royal tours with the Royal family as well as working with a number of Royal charities which is certainly one of the most fulfilling aspects of what I do. I try to capture those momentary interactions, fleeting emotions and something that the viewer will associate with. If it generates laughter, sadness or some kind of response in the viewer you know you have done your job!

Q: What is the one thing you carry around with you that you cannot travel without (besides your camera and equipment)?

A: A pair of noise cancelling headphones – Essential for all those long-haul flights!

Q: What’s the one city in the world you would always love going back to? (and why do you keep returning)?

A: I would love to return to Paro in Bhutan, the people and the landscape blew my mind the first time round!

Q: Any travel tips for photographers out there?

A: Always make sure you travel with spare equipment. I will never forget the stress after my laptop packed up in the Solomon Islands! Most importantly travel with your equipment so if anything goes wrong you always have it with you.


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