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“Chasing Dreams, Spreading Joy”


You and I, we have different dreams. David and Elbert, soul creators of Seeties are fortunate enough to own the same dream. The impromptu question that they asked themselves on one fine afternoon: “hey, since we spend so much of our lives in the city, how can we make city-life more joyful and meaningful? And what if everyone else who lives in the city asks themselves the very same thing?”


See your city, and also other ASEAN cities including Taiwan. That is Seeties. Seeties is a mobile app created for its users (Seetizens) to “find and collect” the coolest places in town; “collecting” beautiful moments and sharing experiences. From recommending a famous hawker stall 3km away to collecting posts recommending a hidden staycation in Bangkok. I may be one of the first Seetizens on the app; but today I’m also a “citizen” of the entire region – knowing any city like the locals do.


Seeties is also a virtual/walking encyclopedia which unlocks hidden gems found in these countries. The element of joy is shared when locals are recommending and foreigners are collecting. And vice versa – in tourist cities, travellers may add their own perspective to a local place in their recommendations, encouraging locals to rediscover and recollect an old place in a different light. Despite having different dreams; with the recommendation and collection feature on Seeties app, joy is spread infinitely.


The virtual world is embedded with the power of social media and the unique role of bloggers. Their creation of word of mouth definitely influences our choices made, from eating to travelling. Working hand in hand with Tourism Malaysia Thailand, both brands managed to fulfill 18 dreams via the Malaysia Wonders Campaign with the ultimate desire to bring joy while promoting Malaysia’s tourism. 9 Thai bloggers and 9 Malaysian bloggers underwent 9 missions in 3 cities (KL, Penang and Ipoh) to experience Malaysia like a local and used Seeties app to collect their memories throughout the journey and bring back to Thailand.


Language barrier never stopped these 18 dream-chasers. In fact, nothing beats the beauty of seeing 2 countries interacting socially and culturally through the process of completing 9 joyful and meaningful missions by roaming every corner of these 3 Malaysian cities. This spirit is evident in the tech of our small but powerful translation feature on Seeties which knows 6 ASEAN languages.


This campaign may end with our sponsors’ great hospitality and memories collected upon the Thai bloggers’ return to Thailand, but the joy does not stop there. New Thai users will join and enjoy Seeties, thanks to our 9 new friends from Thailand. Seetizens across Asia will constantly enjoy the latest updates of their favourite cities and collect recommendations virtually to make them real-life experiences. Dreams fulfilled. And thousands and thousands more smiles on Seeties.


Knowing a city inside out is no longer a dream. Check out how Seeties is making the wildest dreams come through at, or start creating collections and sharing your city joys now!

“Two Countries, 18 Dreams-chasers” by Audrey Foo, Lifestyle Blogger and Community Manager of Seeties


The 9 Missions

  1. Mission 1 “Smart Explore in KLIA!”

Search for reasons why KLIA was voted 9th best airport in the


  1. Mission 2 “Wefie in the Art”

Street Art Hunting and taking wefie in Georgetown UNESCO heritage site.

  1. Mission 3 “Food of Unity”

Food Hunting at Gurney Drive.

  1. Mission 4 “OMG! Kellie’s Castle”

Find hidden scrolls about history and myth of Kellie’s Castle.

  1. Mission 5 “Lost My World in Tambun”

A race for photo hunts and mining experience.

  1. Mission 6 & 7 “Budget Travel Race”

Food hunt and souvenirs hunting with budget of RM30 at Petaling Street.

  1. Mission 8 “My KL is hi-so and slow life!” hosted by Grand Millennium KL

Cocktail and teh tarik mixing challenge.

  1. Mission 9 “Sunway Lagoon I am ready!”

Hunting hidden mascots and completing extreme rides.

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