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Bernie Lu Huey: “I hope to be able to transmit my feelings for the love of Japanese songs”

Bernie Lu Huey (Malaysia)

“You are the only Malaysian in the contest, how do you feel about it?”

  • I feel proud as a Sarawakian to be able to represent my State! I hope by participating in this competition I will be able to show my prideful joy of being a Sarawakian, touch lives of Sarawakians wherever they may be through my performance and also inspire others like me that anything that they dream can be turned into a reality.

“How did you first encounter Japanese music? Why Japanese?”

  • I enjoy singing Japanese songs because of the focused effort I require to learn the songs; from the pronunciation to the delivery of the song. I enjoy the challenge of learning new languages and Japanese just seemed to be one of those languages.
  • To me singing Japanese songs is not just for pure entertainment; it is an art form in itself, especially when I’m learning how to sing my Enka songs. My Japanese Enka Sensei taught me: If you only have good technique but no heart, you might as well not sing at all.
  • I’ve always had an interest in Japan since I was young. It could have been the food that I grew up eating or the anime I grew up watching, but I believe my love for Japan grew when I started to meet many genuine Japanese friends and colleagues whom I have worked with throughout my career as a Technical Director for Japanese Anime and Culture Conventions.

“Are you nervous about the audition this weekend? What do you hope to achieve”

  • I guess its natural for everybody to feel a little bit nervous, but its an excited, good kind of nervousness. Having said that, I’m looking forward to performing with all the other talented people taking part in this, some of whom I already know as acquaintances.
  • I hope to be able to transmit my feelings for the love of Japanese songs to the viewers who will be watching my performance.

EGEM - I Can Sing in Japanese! (Credit GEM, Nippon TV) (2)_meitu_1

This audition is organized by Sony Pictures Television Networks and Nippon TV’s joint venture, GEM. The programme will air on the channel in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines later this year.


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