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Niessing, Germany’s leading luxury jewellery, finally lands in Malaysia 

Niessing, the hallmark of German luxury jewellery with a legacy of more than 150 years, is thrilled to unveil its very first flagship boutique in Malaysia at SEIBU, The Exchange TRX Mall.

“SEIBU The Exchange TRX is the ideal setting for our inaugural Niessing boutique in Malaysia,” remarked Sandro Erl, CEO of Niessing Manufaktur GmbH & Co. KG. “With Malaysia being a pivotal market for us, this marks a significant milestone in our journey. The synergy between this iconic establishment and Niessing’s ethos of timeless elegance ensures a seamless integration of our brand within Kuala Lumpur’s bustling landscape. Our boutique provides a haven where aficionados can explore our renowned designs, including the iconic Spannring®, a symbol of innovation in the realm of fine jewellery.”

Niessing is best known for its iconic Spannring® collection, which epitomises the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. Created in 1979 (© Walter Wittek), the award-winning original features a central diamond held in place solely by the tension of the metal band on both sides to create an illusion of a floating diamond. This 45-year-old design icon is widely recognised as a work of art for its design breakthrough and its fusion of German jewellery artistry and Bauhaus minimalism. Niessing Spannring® has been protected by copyright since 2001.

Today, the Niessing Spannring® collection has expanded to boast a total of 24 variants since its first launch in 1979. Besides the iconic award-winning Spannring® Round, other popular designs include the ethereal Spannring® Heaven collection which offers a harmonious blend of classic simplicity at a heightened brilliance, and the opulent Spannring Lucia® collection which offers 3 different playful customizations of additional pavé-set diamonds. 

To mark this momentous occasion, an exclusive media showcase event was held, offering an exclusive presentation of Niessing’s exquisite collections, with a spotlight on the iconic Spannring® collection. Infusing a touch of glamour to the celebration, the event was graced by the presence of notable figures, including fashion entrepreneur Jane Chuck, model Rubini Sambanthan, social media celebrities Juwei Teoh and Tasnim Shah.

Attendees of the exclusive media showcase event were treated to various activities, including live fashion illustrations and an interactive in-store experience where guests are allowed to create mementos while trying out on-site punch-marking session to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Niessing’s only manufactory at Vreden, Germany — the only one in the world. With each stroke symbolising guests’ well wishes and heartfelt messages, these keepsakes are then hung on the “Niessing Love Wall”.

“Through their cutting-edge designs and prowess in German craftsmanship, Niessing has indeed established itself as a pioneer in contemporary jewellery. I am particularly mesmerised by the Niessing Spannring® collection and how the central diamond in a Spannring® can magically yet securely hover to reveal its full brilliance. Niessing Spannring® collection is a true classic that makes for a lifetime companion”, said fashion entrepreneur Jane Chuck®.

The Niessing flagship boutique in SEIBU, The Exchange TRX Mall provides a captivating glimpse into the brand’s rich heritage and design philosophy. This boutique is designed to exude quiet, understated luxury, embodying Niessing’s innovative spirit and appreciation for contemporary art.

Visitors are welcomed to discover Niessing’s multi-award-winning ready-to-wear collections and explore the Niessing wedding bands configurator system, which provides a luxury-meets-bespoke experience. Choose from  Niessing’s extensive colour palette of 15 shades of gold, alongside other options.

Niessing looks forward to inviting Malaysian jewellery aficionados to savour the pinnacle of German craftsmanship at their flagship boutique in G.DS.01 SEIBU Department Store, The Exchange TRX Mall, Persiaran TRX 58100, Tun Razak Exchange Kuala Lumpur.

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