Abbott Brings PediaSure 10+ to Support Malaysian Adolescents’ Growth

  • Adolescents require up to two times or more key nutrients essential for growth compared to young children, but Malaysian adolescents are falling short of meeting dietary requirements
  • PediaSure 10+, specifically formulated for adolescents aged 10-15 years, provides a complete and balanced nutrition solution to support weight and height during the last major growth spurt.

Abbott launched PediaSure 10+, their latest offering for childhood nutrition solutions. This is Abbott’s first product developed specifically for children aged 10-15 years – marking another milestone in Abbott’s commitment to help promote growth and unlock growth potential in children at nutritional risk. PediaSure 10+ contains high-quality protein and is enriched with 38 nutrients, including arginine and natural Vitamin K2, to support weight, height, and immunity health.

While nutrition is important at every stage of life, it provides critical support during the two major growth spurts children experience. The second major growth spurt occurs during early adolescence, when diets typically become poorer leading to decreased nutrient intake. According to a national survey, adolescents in Malaysia are not consuming adequate key growth nutrients, including calcium, vitamin D and iron, and are habitually skipping meals1.  

“Adolescence represents a second and critical period to maximize linear growth,” said Dr Nina Mazera Mohd Said, medical director of nutrition at Abbott. “Getting adequate nutrition is important to support the accelerated growth, and may help adolescents to achieve catch-up growth and fulfill their genetic potential. The poor dietary intake of Malaysian adolescents could contribute to faltering growth, compromise bone and muscle development, and affect immune function – these may have a long term-impact on their health.” 

Children can gain up to 20% of their final adult height and achieve 45% of total adult bone mass during adolescence.2 To support the dramatic changes in growth and development, adolescents require up to double or more key growth nutrients compared to a younger child.3 However, as children become more independent in making food choices and develop dietary preferences, parents and caregivers may encounter a greater challenge to meet their child’s nutritional requirement. Poor diet and nutrient intakes have resulted in a worrying trend in Malaysia as adolescents have been found to be up to 6cm shorter than the WHO standard height reference for adolescents between 10-17 years old.4,5 

“Nutrition intervention can help adolescents who are at risk or have fallen behind on growth to improve their growth trajectories and catch-up2 before the growth plate in the bone closes, towards the end of puberty,” according to Dr Chen Seong Ting, dietitian at IMU Healthcare.

PediaSure 10+ builds on the science of PediaSure, a brand with more than 30 years of clinical research to advance the understanding of the impact nutrition has on childhood growth. The nutritional product provides essential nutrients, more protein and more key growth nutrients to help support linear growth and bone quality during the last major growth spurt with:

  • 2 times the amount of calcium and natural vitamin K2 compared to its PediaSure 1-10 variant to support bone development
  • 100% of the daily vitamin D requirement (with two servings a day)
  • Antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc) and prebiotic FOS to help strengthen the body’s immune system 

PediaSure 10+ is now available nationwide in chocolate and vanilla flavor, at most major retailers and online stores at the recommended retail price of RM99.90. To learn more about PediaSure 10+, visit or


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