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Three years ago Netflix landed in Malaysia bringing about thought provoking, out of the box original content coupled with hollywood and european content. The streaming services’ entrance into Malaysia has not been without its challenges with the various demographics and cultural nuances that makes Malaysia unique. These challenges vary from issues on breadth and depth of content at the start, criticisms on value for money among consumers and most recently in 2018, the announcement during the tabling of the budget by the then newly elected Malaysian government on digital taxation on international online service providers.

Despite these challenges, Netflix has successfully changed the way Malaysians consume content and offered up a brand new outlook in bringing entertainment content from around the world to Malaysians and simultaneously exposing local content to global audiences.

Staying true to its core promise in providing consumers with control, Netflix members no longer have to wait to tune in to their favourite shows or suffer through unwanted advertising. This has changed the entertainment landscape forever by putting power in the consumers’ hands.

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