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The Expressions of Love, The Epitome of Feminine Charm 

TSL Jewellery presents TSL The Expressions of Love Exhibition as a tribute to women around the world in celebration of the endless, diverse beauty found in every woman’s heart through TSL Jewellery’s sublime craftsmanship and magnificence in haute joaillerie.

Making its worldwide debut on Malaysian soil, TSL The Expressions of Love Exhibition will feature pieces from TSL Jewellery’s enchanting collections that are worth over HK$150 million (MYR80million). These collections include the Rare Opal collection which features some of the rarest Opal gems in the world that reflect on the vivaciousness and vibrancy of women today and the Tourmaline & Paraiba Tourmaline collection that captures the essence of precious, everlasting love that every woman deserves. The Heritage collection is a testament of TSL’s outstanding reputation in fine jewellery making which through the decades became the brand’s signature classic headlines whilst the Estelle collection sparkles and delights like stars on an expansive night sky, much like the love story behind the collection.

The collections highlighted at TSL The Expressions of Love Exhibition are dedicated to dazzle and delight with each of their unique stand-out pieces that fit the theme of TSL Jewellery’s expertise in high jewellery making. This event by TSL Jewellery will strengthen its role as the purveyor of fine jewellery fit for all women out there, thus commemorating a woman’s uniqueness and singularity, much like the most precious gem.

The Rare Opal Collection

Touted as “the rainbow of the world”, the opal is a symbol of love, hope and fidelity. With its status as a favoured gem by royalty, the opal is a distinctive gemstone that is unparalleled as it is unlike any other gem found in the world.  TSL celebrates the iridescence of an opal that simply enchants the eye of the beholder, making it one of the most iconic gemstones found in the world as the uniqueness found in an opal is that it illuminates under different lights and from various angles, thus creating a cascading and brilliant spectrum of colours that would rival the most beautiful skies around the world.

Making its debut in the world and specifically in Malaysia, TSL Jewellery is most delighted to present this tantalising collection, after two years in its artisanal workshop from conception of designs to final execution. Where the natural beauty of the opal meets the modern-day craftsmanship of jewellery making, the black opals are procured from Australia’s Lightning Ridge, which are incredibly rare and cherished for their vibrant hues and complex, one-of-a-kind attributes.

The Radiant Plumes

Designed by famous French jewellery designer, Isa Parvex, TSL’s Radiant Plumes celebrates the brilliant iridescence of an opal. The intersection of the rarity of opals and outstanding design, the pieces in the collection are prized for the naturally artistic detailing of the opals. The Radiant Plumes Black Opal Ring (left) which features the incredibly rare bright red black opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia, in which TSL’s expert craftsmen and artisans took a diligent amount of time to produce such an awe-inspiring piece. The Radiant Plumes Boulder Opal Brooch (right) enchants with its shimmering pattern, putting its beholder under a magical spell. They are set in a similar style that would enrapture the attention of many with its iridescent patterns limned in the opals. Much like the allure of a woman, each opal holds a beautiful mystery that is enchanting and beguiling.

Each opal is selected by an expert eye and remains naturally untouched. TSL’s Radiant Plumes are nestled in a diamond band of meticulously constructed plumes that resemble the feathery plumes of a majestic bird, aimed to accentuate the asymmetrical design of the opal that will rest graciously on its wearer.

A masterpiece of expert craftsmanship and innovative designs, the Radiant Plumes will astound as it enchants the eyes of the beholder with its out-of-this-world spectrum of colours that are extremely rare and fit to make a blazing statement in all of its enthralling splendour.

The Explorer

A tribute to the independence of women today, The Explorer Black Opal Pendant brings you on an unforgettable voyage. This expertly-designed pendant is an allegory to the cosmopolitan woman. The Explorer perfectly depicts the beauty and magnificence of opals from the Australasian region in its full glory that revels in the uniqueness and charisma of the modern day women.

The Explorer is a reverent icon of TSL’s collection that is set to draw the eye to the majestic hues of blue, green and yellow limned in the opal.

A quintessential example of impeccable craftsmanship, the exquisite teardrop opal is encased in a 2mm diamond belt studded with 667 small diamonds, which requires extreme precision from the jewellers, giving The Explorer an exquisite yet refined finish. The Explorer Black Opal Pendant is secured by a nautical-inspired top knot that houses a mechanism that allows the pendant to showcase a dual front, thus, offering an encompassing 360° view of the gloriously lavish opal. The Explorer presents itself as the epitome of luxury and elegance, paying tribute to beautiful and strong women who are stunning in her natural self and yet courageous in the face of adversity.

The Tourmaline & Paraiba Tourmaline Collection

Nothing captures the hearts of jewellery aficionados as much as TSL Jewellery’s Tourmaline & Paraiba Tourmaline collection which boasts some of the grandest and most luxurious pieces ever made by the esteemed artisans of TSL Jewellery. The pieces in the collection are expertly designed and curated to evoke a spectrum of emotions, creating the perfect foundation for a boundless love story.

The glorious combination of multicoloured Paraiba Tourmaline gems is a bold play-on-colours that is set to enrapture the attention of jewellery mavens in an utterly hypnotising spell. The collection features a pair of distinctly regal earrings: The Duchess, the magnificently strung necklace: The Fascination and The Crown, elegance personified in the form of a beguiling necklace.

The Duchess

Captivating the eye with its vibrant neon blue and lively red pink hues, this pair of Paraiba Tourmaline and Spinel Earrings, aptly known as The Duchess continues to fascinate and beguile admirers from far and near.

Reflecting design inspirations from the 16th-century English aristocracy, the divine pairing of the two exceptionally rare pear-shaped, blue-green Paraiba Tourmaline (weighing 15.45ct) and brilliant red Spinel (weighing 9.6ct) gemstones, connected by a round cut diamond, The Duchess immediately stands out for its rarity, bold pairing and distinctive style. The Paraiba Tourmaline, aptly known as the King of Tourmaline, tells a majestic story with its evocative and romantic design and it is incredibly rare to find a matching pair. Outlined in brilliant round cut diamonds, the shimmering play of light cleverly enhances the intensity of each of the central stones, revealing the ingenuity and elegance of the amazing pair.

Carefully curated and hand‑polished to magnify their radiance, TSL has been particularly attentive to the consistency and vivacity of colour to the luminosity and depth of the gemstones to achieve a perfect colour match when brought together.

The Paraiba Tourmaline and Spinel are certified with International Accreditation Agency DSEF, High Value Assurance. 

The Crown

The Crown Tourmaline Necklace displays a dazzling gradation of beautiful hues paying homage to the beauty of tourmalines in all its nuances, beauty and their spellbinding effects.

The Crown as the name suggests, draws design inspirations from the famous Crown of St. Edward circa 1953. The association of gemstones and their gradient transition of colours from green, yellow, and orange to coffee-coloured diamonds and white diamonds totalling over 156.371ct have been carefully selected by TSL’s expert artisans to create this haute joaillerie piece.

The making requires an exceptional degree of precision, meticulousness and technical skill that not only bring out the natural beauty of the gemstones but one that gives a three-dimensional aesthetics to the necklace.

To ensure the pieces’ suppleness and flexibility, each gem is carefully attached with a special technique where the process requires agile and skilful hands as many parts must be combined together to create this theatre of elegant play of colours and gemstones, forming an elegant lacework that not only sits well but caresses the skin.

This feat can only be achieved by the transmission of a skill and an eye through decades of experience, a true reflection of the committed flair of the TSL’s owners and craftsmen whose skills come together to celebrate the beauty of the tourmaline gemstones that offers a constant delightful feast to the eyes of any beholder.

The Fascination

Evoking serene shorelines and treasures of the expansive marine life, TSL lets its gaze wander to the paradise beauty of the horizons in Marogogi, Brazil.  The manifestation of the ever-changing seas has captured the artisans’ imagination leading to the beautifully constructed necklace, The Fascination Tourmaline and Morganite Necklace.

The awe-inspiring symphony of green Tourmaline gemstones and pink morganites are carefully composed and secured by a diamond belt, to create a dazzling marine-life palette likened to the masterpiece of nature.

Profoundly expressing the excellence of the TSL’s refined craftsmanship, this necklace, made without a single claw, recalls the luxuriance of skilful artisans polishing the gemstones only slightly to preserve its original shape and beauty, while using an innovative, sophisticated mosaic technique to bring the undulating lines of delicate diamonds around the surface of the gemstones, showing the most perfect side of jewellery.

The end result is then carefully re-examined to guarantee that it meets the TSL’s stringent criteria for quality and finish.

The Heritage Collection

Established in 1971, TSL plays ahead of curve to the values of creativity, designs and craftsmanship.  A worthy reflection to its identity and artistic characteristics, the Heritage collection is a testament to the vibrant and multifaceted history of TSL jewellery illustrating the decades of know-how whilst, mixing innovation with immeasurable panache. This collection is the hallmark of TSL’s reputation as one of the pioneers of fine jewellery craftsmen in the market, where yesterday’s demand become today’s classic.

The Papilio Clytia

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but with ingenuity and skills, TSL allows the permanence of this happiness to become a reality.

One of the earliest innovations of TSL, The Papilio Clytia Diamond Brooch is the brainchild of intricate construction of jewellery and incredible precision in this masterful craft. Enchanted by the fairy-like beauty of the papillon, The Papilio Clytia was designed with a clever automated spring mechanism that allows the wings to flutter.  Imagine the dainty little being, resting prettily on your floral blouse likened to a living shimmering butterfly playing hide-and-seek among colourful flowers.

The Violin

When they say, love is like a violin, the music may stop, but the strings remain forever. TSL turned this into a reality and beyond by creating a breathtaking beauty that tugs at the heartstrings of its wearer forever.

Built proportionate to a real violin, the magnificent Violin Diamond Brooch requires a technique so intricate and refined even down to the specifics of the violin lines. The fine gold strings were sophisticatedly wired by hand where each string was made with melting gold nuggets and moulded into effort-consuming thin lines. The strings are then fitted onto a head of a piano to ensure they work.  It was no small feat considering this was achieved with the limited technology made available in the jewellery industry of that time.

Set in a gemstone-studded body and a multi-layered design aesthetic, The Violin puts TSL at the forefront in the jewellery-making world, combining skilful craftsmanship and technical know-hows of its artisans bringing about superior mastery in all its creations. 

The Bicycle

The iconic Bicycle Diamond Brooch is TSL’s way of paying tribute to the history of Hong Kong, reflecting a time when the bicycle was the main mode of transportation in the city.

Reflecting the economic scenario of Hong Kong in the 70s, TSL has breathed a new soul to this diamond encrusted jewellery. Built proportionate to a real bicycle, The Bicycle Diamond Brooch comprises a unique moveable mechanism, where the wheels are powered by movement.  Pinned on the wearer, the three-dimensional wheels of the bicycle will turn in accordance to the movements generated by walking or even the slightest touch of a breeze.

This fascinating piece of art, imbued with jewellery and magnificent technical excellence truly signifies TSL’s accustomed excellence of its artisans.

The Estelle Collection

The understanding of true love takes a lot of time and acceptance. The collection is inspired by the multi-faceted romance between Tommy Tse, Deputy CEO, and his beloved wife, Mrs. Annie Yau Tse, Chairman and CEO of TSL Jewellery. As they are both virtuosos in their own ways—Tommy seeks inspiration in astronomy and the dazzling star-studded skies and Annie is a talented violinist who enchants with her musical prowess—their love story is beautifully reflected in TSL’s 100-facet Estelle Diamond with the unique nine hearts and one blossom pattern visible on the crown.

The sensual designs of the Estelle Collection deeply reflect on its meaning – Estelle literally means “shining star” in Spanish. With 100-facets and the exceptionally outstanding “Nine Hearts and One Blossom” pattern, the Estelle Diamond bears a fitting name as the most brilliant innovation in diamond jewellery creation, displaying an enticing pattern of nine perfectly symmetrical ‘hearts’ and a solitary ‘blossom’ that is visible on the crown. The result of this is a stunningly unique symmetry of a fiery luminescence with peerless scintillating beauty.

The Meteor Light

The Estelle – Meteor Light collection features genuinely rare masterpieces made of 18K white gold. The Meteor Light Diamond Tiara (left) makes its glorious premiere in the collection as the first tiara in the collection, and the Meteor Light Diamond Bangle (right) is a signature of TSL’s outstanding and meticulous craftsmanship.

Made of the brand’s flagship Estelle diamond, the majestic pieces simply epitomize creative breakthroughs in design and craftsmanship. They provide stunning displays of textures and sparkle while giving off an aura of grandeur. 

The Guardian Star

Another striking piece that highlights the beauty of the Estelle diamond is the Estelle – Guardian Star Diamond Necklace. Exquisitely simple and elegant, the necklace consists of a 3.09 carat Estelle diamond at the heart, secured artfully with a diamond chain with dozens of 0.5 carats.

For a private viewing, make an appointment with the TSL store at Pavilion KL or simply visit TSL The Expressions of Love Exhibition this coming 5th – 8th August at Pavilion KL, Kuala Lumpur or 9th – 11th August in Gurney Plaza, Penang. There will be Jewellery & Fashion Styling Show at Pavilion KL from 6th – 7th and 9th – 11th August featuring the spectacular TSL jewellery donned by models.

For more information, please contact TSL at its Facebook page: TSL|謝瑞麟 Malaysia Lifestyle.

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