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Timberland  is  excited  to  announce  its  first  collaboration  between Timberland  PRO® and N.HOOLYWOOD – a Japanese-based label founded by Daisuke Obana in 2001 – this fall. Designer Daisuke Obana has taken up the highest standard from the Timberland PRO®, a special line  designed  for  real  workers  and  has  not  been  introduced  into  Japan  yet,  and  reworked its workwear silhouette  in  various  dimensions  which  alter  the  impression  of  regular  workwear  style  by  modifying  the workwear  outfit  in  a  modish  way,  the  capsule  comprises  10  items  from  head-to-toe  including  apparel, footwear and accessories.

The collaboration demonstrates a perfect fusion of high-performance wear and the minimalistic aesthetic from  both  brands  that  featured  a  wide  array  of  apparel  including  Worker  Shirt  Jacket,  Zip  Hoodie, Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee, Short-Sleeve Pocket Tee, Worker Pants, Dungaree, Beanie and Belt.

All  apparel  infused  Daisuke  Obana’s  preferences  which  emphasized  the  craftsmanship  and  supreme textile  employment  during  the  design  process.  The  silhouettes  comes  in  trendy  color  options  with  a contemporary  oversized  fitting  that  eventually  shifted  the  rugged  workwear  look  towards  your everyday wear. Centered around an expression of minimalism, the silhouettes retain the excellent functionality from Timberland  PRO®,  plus  a  low  profile  label  stitched  by  N.HOOLYWOOD  to  differentiate  between  this voguish  apparel  and  workwear.  Supplementing  its  collection,  the  beanie  and  canvas  belt  assuredly complete your wardrobe.

Along  with  the  apparel  items,  the  collection  also  brings  out  2  footwear  from  Timberland  PRO®,  the enhanced 6-Inch Direct Attach Soft Toe Boots and Disruptor Soft Toe Chukka. Guaranteed with premium waterproof  leather  and  attached  soft  toe,  both  collaborative  shoes  are  reinforced  with  the  oil-resistant outsole plus a Timberland PRO® 24/7 COMFORT SUSPENSION™ embedded inside the boots as well as the  Anti-fatigue  insole  deployment  for  chukka  model,  providing  maximum  comfort  and  safety  for  all conditions. The footwear honor Timberland’s DNA by utilizing iconic wheat colorway, whilst the boots also offer in black smooth leather or a greyish tone for chukka.

Asia  countries  will  be  among  the  first  to  launch  the  Timberland  PRO®  x  N.HOOLYWOOD  capsule collection at Timberland stores, ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur on November 17, 2018 (SAT). All items will be available in an EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITY.

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