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電影名稱 Movie Title         玩轉全家福 A Journey of Happpiness
發行 Distributed by           mm2 Entertainemnt
國家 Country                        香港 Hong Kong     馬來西亞 Malaysia
導演 Director                       丁仕昀 JY Teng
總編審 Scriptwriter           李勇昌 Ryon Lee
演員 Casts                              盧海鵬 Lo Hoi Pang / 鄭欣宜 Joyce Cheng / 林曉峰 Jerry Lamb / 林德信 Alex Lam / 阿牛 A Niu / 林明禎 Lin Min-Chen
語言 Language                     粵語 Cantonese
字幕 Subtitles                      中文 Mandarin  英文 English  馬來文 Malay
類型 Genre                            賀歲 Lunar New Year Film
                                                 喜劇 Comedy
上映日期 Release Date      05/02/2019
時長 Running Time           91 分鐘
評級 Rating                          P13

故事簡介 Synopsis

香港某屋村有一蕭家,母親一年前去世,導致父親蕭發(盧海鵬 飾)一直鬱鬱寡歡。次女蕭 心(鄭欣宜 飾)在一 間旅行社工作,盡心盡力的付出,但卻因遭到上司針對被開除。長子蕭炳(林 曉峰 飾)是一名房屋 經紀人,帶著客戶看房子時,經常誇大其詞,導致客人都不買賬,最後蕭炳只 能吃白 果。小兒子蕭立(林德信 飾)不務正業,終日泡在網路世界夢想成為一名網紅。在母親去世 後,家 里頓時失去了精神支柱,幾兄妹和父親之間的交流日漸減少,一家人過著死水般的時 候。冬至,舊街坊朱太 (朱咪咪 飾)與朱仔帶著湯圓到訪蕭家,提起了兒子新年期間會帶自己到外 國避年。 蕭心不忍看著越來越抑鬱的蕭發,擅自決定計劃帶一家人到馬來西亞旅行, 來個東南亞數一數二的 “雲海之旅”。

來到馬來西亞,巧遇上同為導遊的崔風(阿牛 飾)、當地背包客南瓜 BB(林明禎 飾)、以及金馬倫民宿 的老闆娘 Orchid(邵音音 飾)。在整個從吉隆坡到金馬倫高原的旅程中,不斷與這三人相 遇及糾 纏,擦出這家人從未遭遇過的精彩火花與異地情緣。更甚的是,大家一路上災難不 斷,最後 更不小心闖入當地原住民部落,導致“雲海之旅”差點泡湯,一家人難得建立 起來的感情也瞬間瓦解。

究竟這一家人能否團結一致克服危機,成功登山觀賞到期盼已久的美麗雲海?在路途上遇到的陌 生人,又能否敲中各自的心房,有個完美結局?最重要的是,這段 旅程會否成功將這一家人,從一灘 死水拯救出來,重新迎來一個燦爛的人生?

Siew’s family live in Hong Kong. Father, Siew-Fatt (Lo Hoi Pang as) went into depression after his wife died a year ago. The second daughter Siew-Shum (Joyce Cheng as) work hard at a travel agency, however no matter how hard he work, her boss always treat her unfair and fired her. The eldest son Siew- Beng (Jerry Lamb as) is a broker, he often exaggerates his words to persuade clients, but those clients doesn’t convince by his words and he end up with unsuccessful deal. The youngest son Siew-Lup (Alex Lam as) does not have a regular job but he is addicted to internet and wish to be an influencer. After the death of their mother, the family has been lost without her morale support and the father seldom communicates as their lives became dull and lifeless. During Winter Solstice, Siew’s family’s friend, Chu and her son bringing dumpling to visit them, she has mentioned that her son is planning family trip for the coming Chinese New Year. To decrease father depression, Siew Shum decided to have one of the best Southern Asia “Sea of Clouds” family trip to Malaysia without authorized other family members.

When they arrived in Malaysia, they meet Cui-Fong (A-Niu as), a tour guide who is a cunning schemer; Pumpkin BB (Lin Min-Chen as), a local backpacker; Orchid (Susan Shaw), a hostel owner who look a lot like their mother. During the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland, they experience a whole new experience and romance they have never had before and along the way, they are met with challenges and problem one of them being accidentally intruding a local aboriginal village, and almost ruin the entire ‘Sea of Clouds’ tour. With the newly built relationship among the Siew family.

Can the Siew family unite and face the challenge together? Will them safe the ‘Sea of Clouds’ tour? Most importantly, could this trip help Siew’s lifeless family to regain happiness?

《玩转全家福》 预告片:

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