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TRAIN TO BUSAN 正式上映一周极速冲破1630万,票房媲美好莱坞电影

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席卷全球的TRAIN TO BUSAN在马来西亚也毫不逊色,正式上映一周,拿下1630万的票房,成绩非常亮眼!

高人气的TRAIN TO BUSAN不止在社交媒体掀起热议,票房也气势如虹,受到马来西亚各族的欢迎。正式上映短短7天,一路狂飙至1630万的票房成绩,爆表的成绩令这部电影目前稳坐马来西亚韩国电影票房冠军。如此票房表现,可以媲美好莱坞电影票房。

目前仍然在全马各大电影院上映的TRAIN TO BUSAN 似乎仍然不见任何疲态,相信票房仍然可以继续飙升。

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TRAIN TO BUSAN on the Right Track to Success – Zombie Hit Fetches RM16.3 Million in Box-Office in Its First Opening Week    

TRAIN TO BUSAN, the Korean zombie hit had a runaway first week opening here in Malaysia, fetching RM16.3 million in box-office takings, making it comparable to any successful Hollywood blockbuster.

The zombie apocalypse movie is the No. 1 movie in cinemas over the past week and has been very well received by cinema goers of all races alike. TRAIN TO BUSAN has since received rave reviews and coverage, being one of the most talked about movie currently. The movie is still going strong in cinemas, and positively on its right track to success.



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