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Zzongbie, the naïve zombie confronts the greatest danger of his life after meeting Park family

Human Bio, the biggest pharmaceutical company in Korea conducts illegal experiments on humans. One day, a test goes wrong and results in the creation of a zombie. Soon, in the remote countryside, the oddball PARK family makes their acquaintance with the zombie in question, Hyun-woo. Rather than being afraid of this strange creature, the Park family plots to make money out of him, especially after realizing Father-Park has his virility restored after a bite by the zombie. Only the youngest daughter Hae-gul takes a liking to Hyun-woo, and nicknames him ‘Zzongbie, the pet’. Will Zzongbie makes a home with his ‘weirder than zombie’ family?

Director               : Lee Min-jae
Starring               : Jung Jae-young, Kim Nam-gil, Um Ji-won
Genre                   : Zombie Comedy

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