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Producer: Don Hoe
Director : Bryan Gao Jian
Cast Name : Jean, Chai, Marcus (Taiwan), Rabbit, Momoko, Shaun (Singapore), Feon.
Duration: 81 Minutes
Subtitle: Chinese/Malay/English
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Rating: P13

Yan was an ordinary, complicated girl facing mountains of adversity throughout her life. She was diagnosed to be a pregnant mother, yet she insisted on not getting married. One day, Yan coughed severely as she was grabbing her chest gasping for air. As she stops coughing, she realized there was a thick, gooey greenish phlegm-like substance on her hand. As she panicked and left to the doctor to get to the bottom of this dilemma, she got hit by a car. After squinting for two seconds, she opened her eyes slowly. Yan was in disbelief as her painless body was in a perfect condition. After a thorough diagnosis, the doctor could not comprehend the fact that Yan did not have a heartbeat but yet she was completely well and fine.

Later, she was kidnapped to Professor Xu’s laboratory as an experiment. When she’s back to consciousness, she glanced across the room full of scientific technological machines and equipment. Professor Xu then told Yan that she had lost her soul and that she only had three days to search for it. On the third day, Yan was battling for her life at the verge of death as her soul remained missing. Yan died for a few minutes. In the meantime, she dreamt about her father speaking to her about the misunderstanding they had. Her father hinted her that forgiveness is the key to life. She woke up from her

電影片名: [ 治療屍 ]

故事的女主角余燕在一個一如往常的早晨醒過來時便覺得身體有異常,先後跟家人和男友許德發生爭執,盛怒的余燕在和男友僵持不下便轉身離去, 此时,遇上了车祸 。 經過醫生的搶救,余燕慶幸逃過死結,然而醫生也發現余燕的身上出現了一些無法從醫學角度去解釋的現象。 余燕隨後收到一些陌生訊息,透露余燕的身體接下來將出現的異狀。余燕走在一條陌生的街道上,不知道何去何從,此時一輛車子突然出現把余燕拐走!




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