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电影名称 Movie Title: 一出好戏 The Island
发行 Distributed by: mm2 Entertainment
导演 Director: 黄渤 Huang Bo
主演 Cast: 黄渤 Huang Bo

王宝强 Wang Baoqiang

舒淇 Shu Qi

张艺兴 EXO Lay

片长Duration: 待定 TBC
级别Rating: 待定 TBC
上映日期Release date: 10.08.2018


马进 (黄渤饰)欠下债务,与远房表弟小兴(张艺兴饰)在底层社会摸爬滚打,习惯性的买彩票,企图一夜爆富,并迎娶自己的同事姗姗(舒淇饰)。一日,公司全体员工出海团建,途中,马进收到了彩票中头奖的信息,六千万!就在马进狂喜自己翻身的日子终于到来之际,一场突如其来的滔天巨浪打破了一切。苏醒过来的众人发现身处荒岛,丧失了一切与外界的联系。在封闭小岛的背景下,失去规则、失去阶级、失去财富的他们呈现出人性百态的浮世绘。


Working as a low-level employee in the company, Ma Jin has the pipe-dream of winning the lottery and getting the right girl – his colleague Shanshan. During the corporate team building trip, Ma finds out that with a staggering sum of sixty million yuan, he is the latest lottery grand prize winner. This moment of fulfilment is accompanied by an unexpected shipwreck with everybody washes ashore on a desert island…

黄渤自导自演处女作《一出好戏》The Island Official Trailer || In Cinemas 10 August

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