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寻龙诀 MOJIN The Lost Legend 将在2016年1月7日上映!

寻龙诀 MOJIN The Lost Legend 

类型Genre : 动作,悬疑,惊悚,奇幻,冒险 Adventure/Action
国家Country : 中國 China
语言Language : 华语Mandarin
片长 Duration :190 mins
制作年份 Production Year : 2015
上映日期 Release Date : 7th January 2016
导演Director :乌尔善 WU Er Shan
製作人 Producer :叶宁、王中磊、王长田
主演 Starring : 陈坤、黄渤、舒淇、Angelababy、夏雨

故事大綱 Synopsis

上世纪80年代末,胡八一(陈坤 饰)、王凯旋(黄渤 饰)与Shirley杨(舒淇 饰)在美国打算金盆洗手,本来叱咤风云的摸金校尉沦为街头小贩被移民局追得满街跑。就在此时,意外发现20年前死在草原上的初恋对象丁思甜(Angelababy 饰)可能还活着,胡八一、王凯旋、Shirley杨决定再入草原千年古墓……

New York City, 1988. Once legendary tomb robbers, HU Bayi and WANG Kaixuan now sell antiques on the Big Apple’s sidewalks. During the Cultural Revolution, the friends were students sent to the Inner Mongolia countryside. There they formed a lifelong friendship after witnessing the death of a fellow student, Ms DING Sitian. Back in New York, chased by immigration officers, they are rescued by their former expedition partner Shirley YANG.

In debt, WANG Kaixuan returns to Inner Mongolia to work for a shady mining group. When HU Bayi and Shirley YANG learn of his plans, they fly back to China to protect their reckless friend. On the way, they learn that the mining group is a religious cult controlled by the mysterious Sister Hong. When WANG Kaixuan locates the tomb, he enters the underground labyrinth with the cult members and their bodyguards. But their presence in the tomb awakens hidden traps, unleashing poisons that transform anyone they touch into undead monsters.

Just as the group faces certain death, HU Bayi and Shirley YANG appear. As Shirley YANG descends, HU Bayi uses his fengshui techniques to decipher the tomb’s structure, leading the survivors to safety. Reunited, the trio must not only find their way to the surface but also stop the cult guru who is hell-bent on uniting the world of the living and the world of the dead.

HU Bayi and WANG Kaixuan must confront their own past when DING Sitian, the young woman they have both loved for two decades, returns from the afterlife.

MOJIN The Lost Legend 寻龙诀 Malaysia Official Trailer:

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