“Pron”, a college girl in her final year is now an intern at a company where she gets to meet her attractive male supervisor who she later developed feelings for. Pron has multiple  of  weird  habits  where  she  can’t  seem  to  get  rid  of  and  all  of  them  are problematic.  She  does  whatever  she  is  told  if  the  person  tickles  her,  literally everything. She also likes to say sentences backward if something triggers her, which is very strange for an ordinary human being. On a normal day, she was told that her sister  who  is  now  living  in  London  is  getting  married.  Therefore,  she  now  has  to travel to London on her own despite not being able to communicate in English.

“Bo”, a mechanic in a long- distances relationship. His girlfriend goes to a university in London. As they are deeply in love with each other, he decided to put his house on sale to save up and visit his girlfriend. Bo also does not know how to speak English.

“Jude”, a young mischievous man bets with his friends that in this near future, he is going to cross out his bucket list. One of those is to be in a physical relationship with a Caucasian female, any. With that mentioned, he takes off to London. He also has no capability to speak English.

The  three  meet  at  a  language  institution  in  London.  Also,  a  French  student  named “Antoine” join them and they are now friends. However, their coalition does not help them  with  their  communication  anyway.  They  were  half-  forced  to  befriend  with Pron’s sister’s fiancée, he’s British. The obvious unwillingness upset the fiancée and almost let Pron’s sister to break up with him, but thankfully the four successfully help Pron’s sister and her fiancée to get back together again.

Though other’s problem is resolved, but their individual conflict surfaces. Pron’s cute weird personality attracts Antoine; he is head over heels for her and is not afraid to show  how  he  feels.  Pron  still  worries  about  the  language  barrier,  tries  to  back  off from Antoine.

Bo misunderstood about his girlfriend’s interaction with her Korean male friend and called their relationship an end. He heads back to Thailand with pain.

After Jude’s trying to pursue a Caucasian colleague at his part- time workplace, he failed. The jokes he attempts on trying were seen very offensive.

At Pron’s sister’s wedding, Pron successfully comes over her fear of using English. She  wished  her  sister  a  toast  and  sings  for  her  in  an  English  song,  though  broken English,  but  it  is  very  adorable.  She  plans  to  go  back  to  Thailand  but  Antoine’s sincerity makes her stay. Bo, after talking heart to heart with his girlfriend, got back together as a happy couple again. While Jude, express his sincere apology to the girl he had made her upset, even though he can’t use words to convey his feelings, but by action he has got her smiles.

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