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電影名稱Movie Title 有五個姊姊的我就注定要單身了啊 How to Train Our Dragon
導演Director 蘇文聖Shaun Su
演员Cast 蔡凡熙Kent Tsai

謝金燕Jeannie Hsieh

劉奕兒 Eugenie Liu

張墨錫Vera Zhang

高雋雅Clover Kao

張垚Zhang Yao

項婕如Chloe Xiang

语言Language 中文Mandarin
字幕Subtitles 中文Chinese , 英文English
類型Genre 喜劇Comedy
上映日期Release Date 22/11/2018
發行Distributed by mm2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd



李狂龍(蔡凡熙飾)人生最大的悲劇,就是擁有美麗動人、各懷絕技,卻對狂龍管教甚嚴的五個姊姊。狂龍的日常,從被五姊(张垚飾)強餵便當、被四姊(高雋雅飾)飛箭爆頭、被三姊(張墨錫飾)網路監控、被二姐(劉奕兒飾)以教導主任的淫威欺壓,而這四個姊姊加起來,都還沒有大姊(謝金燕飾)可怕!狂龍就讀的聖德高中,新轉學來一位周遊列校的熱心魔人徐心夢(項婕如飾),狂龍靈機一動,決定唬弄小夢成為自己的女朋友,藉此逃離姊姊們的魔爪。面對突然殺出來的小夢,姊姊們百般阻撓,誓要阻擋兩人的戀情。 究竟李狂龍在追愛的路上是否能成功呢?


Dragon Lee’s main life struggles revolve around his five beautiful, talented, yet incredibly strict sisters. A typical day in Dragon’s life consists of his sisters feeding him lunch, shooting arrows in his head, stalking him online, being oppressed by one that is also the school dean, and above it all, being controlled under the tyranny of his eldest sister. One day, a new girl named Meng transferred to Dragon’s class. Meng’s compassion for others gave Dragon the idea of tricking her to becoming his girlfriend, so he could escape from his sisters. Threatened by this adorable intruder, the sisters set up traps and challenges to try and break up the young couple. The relationship of Dragon and Meng can be admitted by his sisters?

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