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Movie Title:宝贝当家 Girl Of The Big House
Release Date:4 Aug 2016
Director:Zhang Min 张敏
Cast:Francis Ng 吴镇宇, Miriam Yeung 杨千嬅, Angela Wang 王诗龄



金寶兒(王詩齡 飾)是一個幸福的小女孩,爸爸金二虎(吳鎮宇 飾) 是一家跨國企業的總裁,常年與妻子莉娜(楊千嬅 飾)為經營生意 奔波世界各地。寶兒住在一棟超大的別墅裡,擁有童話般的房間。儘 管如此,寶兒仍然是一個寂寞的小孩。因為父母長期不在身邊,每日 只有媬姆琴姐(元秋 飾)和補習老師小美(甄琪 飾)陪伴她。寶兒 最大的願望,就是父母能夠趕回來參加自己的生日會。


一日琴姐帶寶兒外出,遭遇人販子企圖綁架寶兒。危急關頭,幸好偶 遇三個勇敢機智的小朋友出手相救,他們是大姐姐阿好(陳沛妍 飾), 帥氣的阿 Man(西蒙子 飾)和小胖子多多(王月旭 飾)。寶兒很快 和他們成為了好朋友,並邀請他們來家裡作客。幾個小孩猶如愛麗絲 夢遊仙境般,玩得不亦樂乎。寶兒的父母突然回來,告誡寶兒往後不 要隨便帶陌生人回家。


原來金二虎家中珍藏著金家的傳家寶,一幅梵高名畫。金二虎母親承 諾將畫傳給二虎的大哥金大虎(吳鎮宇 分飾)。可惜大虎為人狂放, 因意外殺人入獄六年。二虎一直等待大哥回來。而大虎則因誤會二虎 霸佔所有家業而對其懷恨在心。


他一出獄,便夥同「大山婆」、「光頭」,意圖趁二虎不在家偷回屬 於自己的梵高名畫,卻不料同黨暗中勾結「殘忍哥」(詹瑞文 飾) 另有所謀。他們準備入屋搶劫並綁架寶兒以此勒索二虎。大虎這才醒 悟自己被利用,但為時已晚。


寶兒父母因在外地遭遇車禍無法趕回家為寶兒慶生。他們那知道「殘 忍哥」綁架了寶兒和幾個小朋友。危急時刻,大虎能否提起勇氣打敗「殘忍哥」一黨?寶兒和她的朋友們能否安然無恙呢?


< Girl of the Big House > Synopsis

Bowie (Angela Wang) is a lucky little girl. Her father Neil (Francis Ng), the president of a multinational corporation, travels all over the world with his wife, Nina (Miriam Yeung) for big business projects. They live in a huge  house  where Bowie has  a fairytale-like bedroom.  Yet, she is lonely. Her parents are never around, Bowie only has nanny Aunt Kim (Yuen Qiu) and tutor Macy (Zhen Qi) to keep her company. Bowie’s biggest wish is to have her parents come home in time to join her birthday party.


One day, Aunt Kim takes Bowie out while they encounter human traffickers who attempt to kidnap Bowie. In the nick of time, three smart street kids come to her rescue. They are big sister Holly (Chan Pui Yin), smart boy Man (Jozef Liu Waite) and chubby boy Donald (Wang Yuexu). Bowie soon makes friends with them and invites them to her house to play. The kids are as thrilled as Alice in her Wonderland. While they are having fun, Bowie’s parents suddenly come home. They send the kids away and warn Bowie not to invite strangers to the house again.


Neil has kept a Van Gogh masterpiece in the house. It is the family heirloom which Neil’s mother promises to give to Neil’s elder brother, Dave (also Francis Ng). Dave is a reckless man and has been sentenced to jail for six years after killing somebody by accident. Neil has been waiting for Dave to come home. Yet Dave holds a grudge against Neil for seizing all the inheritance from their parents.


Upon his release from jail, Dave pays a surprise visit to Neil’s house along with his accomplices, Heifer and Baldie. Realizing that Neil is out of town, Dave wants to get back his Van Gogh masterpiece, but he is not aware that his accomplices have a hidden agenda. Heifer and Baldie plan to  break  into  the  house with their  boss,  Mr.  Brutal  (Jim Chim)  and kidnap Bowie for a ransom. By the time Dave realizes that he has been used, it is just too late.


Bowie’s parents are caught in a car accident and cannot make it home for Bowie’s birthday. At the big house, Mr. Brutal has kidnapped Bowie and the other kids are also subdued by his gang. At this critical moment, will Dave boost up his last inch of courage to rescue Bowie and her friends?

《寶貝當家》 Girl of the Big House Official Trailer (In Cinemas 4 August)

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