EXO 五巡吉隆坡站票房开出红盘,宣布 2 票价加位 

韩国超级天团 EXO 五巡吉隆坡站消息公布至今引来热烈回响,门 票昨日上午 11 时起透过网路全面公开发售,今日上午 10 时为止,超过 95%门票已售罄,只 剩下仅有的摇滚区门票!由于门票反应热烈,主办单位 Star Planet 徇众要求,宣布即时增加 限量 CAT 1(RM738)以及 CAT 4(RM368)票价的位子,希望可以让更多粉丝一起共襄盛 举!门票已透过 www.myticket.asia 热卖中。 

这场让大马“爱丽”们引颈常盼的演唱会, 七月中旬起以一连六场爆棚演出在首尔正式启航, 陆续唱响香港、菲律宾、新加坡、 泰国、台湾和日本等地区。而吉隆坡站也经过多方努力 协调之后,才成功来到吉隆坡舞台开唱。这会是 EXO 第四度在马来西亚开办个人演唱会。 

由全马第一返利平台 GETBATS 呈现,Star Planet 星艺娱乐主办,EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration 将在 12 月 14 日,傍晚 6 点,火热引爆吉隆坡亚通万人体育馆 (Axiata Arena)! 票价分为RM798(摇滚站区)、RM738、RM598、RM488、RM368及RM248(票价未含RM4 手续费)。更多演唱会相关详情,请继续留守星艺娱乐脸书及官网 www.starplanet.com.my

EXO Malaysia Gig Announces Additional Seats for 2 Price Tiers 

12th November, Kuala Lumpur – Ticket sales for EXO’s upcoming Malaysia concert kicked off yesterday at 11am via online. In 24 hours, over 95% of the tickets are all snatched up, leaving only limited Rock zone tickets available for sale. Due to overwhelming demands, concert organizer Star Planet officially announced that limited seats are further added to CAT 1 (RM738) and CAT 4 (RM368)! Tickets are available for purchase now via www.myticket.asia

K-POP superstar EXO launched its brand-new tour EXO Planet #5 -“EXplOration” in July, with six full-house shows in Seoul and has since toured Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, etc. The Malaysia gig has been a much-awaited event and the Malaysian fans will have lots to be excited with the boys finally returning for a great performance. The upcoming show marks EXO’s fourth solo concert in Malaysia. 

Presented by Malaysia #1 Rebates Platform GETBATS, organized by Star Planet, EXO PLANET #5 – EXplOration – Kuala Lumpur 2019 will be taking the nation by storm on 14 December, 6PM at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil. Tickets are priced at RM798 (free standing), RM738, RM598, RM488, RM368 and RM248 (exclude RM4 ticket fee). For more concert-related information, please stay tuned to Star Planet Facebook page or official website at www.starplanet.com.my .

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