一腔赤诚 一生忠义

Movie Title 电影名称 Full River Red 《满江红
Director 导演 Zhang Yimou 张艺谋
Genre 类别 Comedy, Drama 悬疑、喜剧、剧情
Duration 时长 159 mins
Subtitle字幕 Simplified Chinese简体中文 , English英文
Main Casts 主要演员 Shen Teng 沈腾、Jackson Yee 易烊千玺、Zhang Yi 张译、Lei Jia Yin 雷佳音、Yue Yun Peng 岳云鹏、Wang Jia Yi 王佳怡
Distributor 发行 mm2 Entertainment
Language 语言 Chinese 中文
Release Date 上映日期 23 Mar 2023 2023 3月23日


南宋绍兴年间,岳飞死后四年,秦桧率兵与金国会谈。会谈前夜,金国使者死在宰相驻地,所携密信也不翼而飞。小兵张大(沉腾 饰)与亲兵营副统领孙均(易烊千玺 饰)机缘巧合被裹挟进这巨大阴谋之中,宰相秦桧(雷佳音 饰)命两人限一个时辰之内找到凶手。伴随危机四伏的深入调查,宰相府总管何立(张译 饰)、副总管武义淳(岳云鹏 饰)、舞姬瑶琴(王佳怡 饰)等人捲入局中,案件的背后似乎隐藏著一场更大的阴谋。局中有局、人心叵测,一夜之间风云变幻,各方势力暗流涌动……

12th century China, during the Song Dynasty, set against a brewing rebellion by the Jin people against the Imperial Court.

Two hours before a crucial diplomatic meeting between the Song Prime Minister Qin Hui and a high level Jin delegation, the Jin Ambassador is murdered. An important letter destined for the Emperor is stolen from him. As the search for the letter unfolds, alliances are formed, secrets are revealed, and no one can stop the truth that is destined to leave its mark in history.

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